Section 15

If a Child Experiences Cyberbullying

Do not respond.
Children who engage in cyberbullying activities are seeking a reaction from their target. Even if it might seem warranted, do not respond out of anger.

Save the evidence.
Save harmful messages and print a copy of web content. These hard copies of the evidence can aid authorities when they investigate the situation.

Immediately seek help from a trusted adult.
It may be helpful for parents and children to identify, in advance, to whom their child will report concerns prior to any cyberbullying experience.

Work with adults to ensure the person who engages in cyberbullying activities is held accountable.
If the cyberbullying includes a direct threat to someone’s physical safety, a police report may be warranted. If the cyberbullying occurs at school, is brought into class, or continues as face-to-face bullying during the school day, the bullying should be reported to school administrators.

Contact the technology host to request that offensive content be removed and cyberbullies blocked.
Many technology companies accept abuse complaints via a web-portal on their site or through email.